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Hi everyone Sandman here today's video was brought to you by a donation from Ryan and here's what he has to say hi Sandman it would be interesting to see a social experiment or a video done to try to sell a fake cellphone contract or any other type of contract to people in the city that have the same or similar terms to modern-day gynocentric marriage contracts that plagued many men of today the idea would be to mock the marriage contract and get people to see how much of a sham marriage truly is ideally you'd want to try to sell this fake service to couples especially women to wake them up and show them why more men are opting out of marriage and women in general such points to highlight on this particular fake contract would include the man our customers financially emotionally and mentally liable for any and all things that go wrong with the product ie relationship or marriage any assistance needed from the company the woman will be reverted back to the customer to solve it any downloadable content or additions to the product ie children are assets to support the woman's materialistic desires will be the customer's financial responsibility unless the contract is cancelled ceased or voided in which case the company seizes all assets the customer agrees not to add additional lines onto the contract to support the customers personal needs ie mistresses and girlfriends this contract is for life I could go on and on with these terms but you get the idea I don't think that many women would buy this contract so feel free to conduct the experiment how you choose and have a great day will Ryan thanks for your donation with regards to conducting a social experiment this would take me a couple of days and it won't work in my usual video format so I'm not going to do that but I will talk about how the marriage contract and Family Court system makes women feel safe enough to sign that contract without a problem for some crazy reason men in general don't think about the marriage contract when they get married they don't seem to understand that it's stacked up against them and basically zone out when they get married and Ryan when I received a donation payment from you for this particular video request I was in the United States trying to use my Canadian data plan while I was on the road roaming with my phone and it wasn't working so I had to call the service center and they conveniently forgot to initialize it before I laughed and the reason I'm bringing this up is because people will do what ever they can to get out of an excuse with regards to a contract that isn't in their favor for women wedding vows are a joke and sometimes when I'm doing photography and video at weddings the bride often has a hard time keeping a straight face through the wedding vows many women can't conceal their happiness when they get a man to sign on the dotted line and a woman's wedding day is not her happiest because of the dress cake and ghasts it's her happiest day because...